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Red Hot Red Truck

I love discovering new things about my city. As a born and bred Vancouverite, it’s so fun to be surprised. Did you know that a GIANT rad brewery, complete with tasting room and food service lives behind the many garages off Main Street and 1st Ave.? Clearly, I didn’t.

Turns out, Red Truck Beer has been in that spot for the past year. VERY much big rig-themed, the room was unpretentious to say the least. And they managed to make truck stop food taste pretty decent. I was a fan of their meaty reuben sandwiches on toasted rye and crispy, garlicky fries. Prices for beer were reasonable too, just $5 a pint.

It wasn’t my usual scene but I think I can get on board. For a quick tour of the place, scroll through the Soulcialite Facebook Live video.

If you’re already looking for sweet summer plans, the brewery is stepping up to host a summer concert series again, right outside their front doors! Over a 1,000 people are expected at the Truck Stop Concert Series.

Truck Stop 2015 Aerial

A snapshot from the 2015 Truck Stop Concert Series.


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Our faces in Facebook

With us Soulcialites darting around the city, we’ve found a simpler way to share our latest updates (we think). Come find us on FACEBOOK!

Page has been set up, funnest part: Facebook Live and of course, the instant gratification of posts.

With so much of the world spending the largest percentage of their time online in the social network, we’ve decided to join the party. We’ve got personal pages but now we can rant to our little heart’s desire via

Watch for plenty of videos to come. I, Lien, plan on broadcasting live from the many fun events we go to. I’m a huge fan of Periscope so this should be fun. Drop us a line on FB if there’s anything in particular you want to see.


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The Soulcialite’s Guide to a Last-Minute Valentine’s

We’ve all been told that there are many ways to a girl’s heart. When it comes to dating a woman, anything goes! There are no hard rules, only general guidelines – leaving the rest up to your imagination (and thoughtfulness, of course).

However, gift-giving is probably the simplest way to let a girl know she’s special. Hence, for all you last-minute shoppers, this is our quick list of great last-minute Valentine’s gifts for your loved (or newly liked) one:

For your lady of lavish

ladies of lavish

1. Ring | 2. Cardholder | 3. Lipstick | 4. Watch | 5. Heels

For new flings, exchanged rings and all other things

New fling and old flames

1. Candle | 2. Nail polish | 3. Purse | 4. Phone Case
5. Watch | 6. Necklace

You’re days away from Valentine’s, boys. Better get that priority shipping ready for a whole lot of “oh, I love it!” (and maybe a gift receipt in case she doesn’t…).