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Middleton Magic at the Taj Mahal

Kate Middleton positively dazzled on the final stop of their tour in India. This Naeem Khan (read: Indian-American designer) was absolute perfection on her. The dress was from the designer’s 2015 Resort collection. I appreciate that she’s finally opted to do more of a pointy-toed pump and left the boring round toes in London.

Key to point out, her earrings were anything far from crown jewels. Always one to represent high street, she purchased them from Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest monastery for reportedly less than $10 CAD.

I think Lady Di would be proud. Kate and Will certainly seem to have created a much happier memory than when Diana was photographed in one of the saddest photos ever at the Taj.

kate 3

Photo by Chris Jackson

kate 4

Photo by Chris Jackson

kate 1

Photo by Prakash Singh

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The Soulcialite’s Guide to a Last-Minute Valentine’s

We’ve all been told that there are many ways to a girl’s heart. When it comes to dating a woman, anything goes! There are no hard rules, only general guidelines – leaving the rest up to your imagination (and thoughtfulness, of course).

However, gift-giving is probably the simplest way to let a girl know she’s special. Hence, for all you last-minute shoppers, this is our quick list of great last-minute Valentine’s gifts for your loved (or newly liked) one:

For your lady of lavish

ladies of lavish

1. Ring | 2. Cardholder | 3. Lipstick | 4. Watch | 5. Heels

For new flings, exchanged rings and all other things

New fling and old flames

1. Candle | 2. Nail polish | 3. Purse | 4. Phone Case
5. Watch | 6. Necklace

You’re days away from Valentine’s, boys. Better get that priority shipping ready for a whole lot of “oh, I love it!” (and maybe a gift receipt in case she doesn’t…).


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#DEBVan: The Final Reprise?

I have literally been bogged down in study lockdown mode for my upcoming CFE exam (cue nerdy accounting jokes not aligned with the strategic vision of this site – zing! Governance and Strategy application right there), so this post will be short and sweet.

Dîner en Blanc Vancouver was another ball of a hoity-toity fun this year. The venue, Canada Place with all its picturesque splendour, was a huge surprise as everyone had their eye on Queen Elizabeth Park. Tables were split to surround the five five sails on two floors. It was certainly a unique setting, but certain “wings” of the dinner felt less included in the festivities than others. I definitely would’ve preferred having been seated closer to the dance floor, the center of the festivities. However, that also would’ve meant lugging my tables and chairs further into the venue, to which my sore-for-days biceps politely decline.

Anyway, here was our little pièce de Paris in our Vancouver backyard. Many thanks to the lovely Linnea for letting me take her on this hot and fancy date, two years in a row. 

IMG_8733 FullSizeRender (2) IMG_8724 image1 FullSizeRender (1)

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