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BESAME MUCHO: Coachella Weekend 1

It’s a good thing blogs aren’t spoken, because Coachella has left me sore throated and broken down. Though a bit more battered than when I left, the festival was nothing short of an unforgettable experience. We definitely went in thinking the lineup for the year wasn’t as impressive as last year’s (*cough* Drake), but it actually turned out more exciting than expected. A few highlights from our weekend:

  • Dancing in the field to Of Monsters and Men as we belted “Little Talks” from the top of our lungs.
  • Trying to figure out what “Besame Mucho” (literal translation: kiss a lot) meant, and then proceeding to take a LOT of photos in front of it. I’m guessing the floral art installation was a cheeky political statement…a nod to the Latino population given Trump’s ignorant statements? Who knows. It was pretty. I digress.
  • Almost getting trampled while migrating to Jack Ü. Seriously, I thought my life was going to end right then and there.
  • Discovering Lido and Snakehips when trying to fill time between sets, and realizing they’re freaking awesome.
  • Forcing ourselves to go to LCD Soundsystem and Guns n’ Roses because, honestly, we’re really not that cool.
  • Doing my best boho sway during “Mother We Share” at Chvrches.
  • Joking that Sam Smith would come on, and then he did 3 seconds later.
  • Throwing back to the good ol’ Panic! days at Halsey (she must have been like 12 when they were relevant), and standing in solidarity with Ke$ha at Zedd.
  • Hoping for a hologram of Eazy-E during Cube’s set, but getting Snoop instead (SnoooOOoooooo-oop!).
  • Running, literally, to Alessia Cara’s set because we support our people. #CanadiansatCoachella
  • Pretending to be artsy enough to appreciate Sia’s weird, but realizing it’s okay to just like her music exclusively.
  • Keeping my eyes pealed for Tay at Calvin’s set, and being pleasantly surprised by RiRi’s fringed appearance.

A few tips for any Coachella n00bs headed to Weekend 2:

  • Bring a jacket at night – desert gets real chilly.
  • If you’re really sensitive to the heat, don’t go to the festival before 4pm. You will literally die of heat stroke. Exercise #nightchella.
  • Bring a dust mast/bandana every day. Walking back to your campsite/shuttle kicks up a lot of dust and you don’t want to be breathing it in during your trek.
  • Speaking of camping – I would advise against it. Showering is key. Hotels all the way (do the VMT package with hotel/wristband/shuttle pass. The shuttle pass is clutch).
  • Hydrate!!! Hydrate!! Hydrate!!

So jealous of those headed to Weekend 2, but I’ll just reminisce by fixating myself on a constant camera roll loop. Here’s a glimpse into my weekend. Sorry I didn’t take real outfit photos. I’m not a real fashion blogger – just someone who talks at readers on the interwebs.




Off-the-shoulder Top: Forever 21 | Palm-Printed Culottes: H&M (last season)

There was a ridiculous wind warning on Day 1 of the festival. Don’t mind our hip disheveled looks as we were being battered by the desert winds.


My romper: Urban Outfitters



I need to copyright this photo somehow, cause the candid moment was just splendid.

image1 copy

Romper: Urban Outfitters  (on sale!!)

The loves of my life…and that dude in the corner. My romper was also seen that weekend on the hot-hot-heat VS model, Taylor Hill. Score one for Andrea!


image3 copy

Top: Aritzia  |  Shorts: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Forever 21

Sorry for the poor quality photo. Literally the only photo I had of my outfit for Day 3, as Day 3 turned into “Nightchella” exclusively…Also once again reminding you that I am not a fashion blogger. Case in point.


Cutest hotel that we stumbled upon on our last day in Palm Springs. “Arrive” features a public pool area, juice bar, restaurant, bocce ball and ping pong area. Everything a hipster needs and more.

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The Soulcialite’s Guide to a Last-Minute Valentine’s

We’ve all been told that there are many ways to a girl’s heart. When it comes to dating a woman, anything goes! There are no hard rules, only general guidelines – leaving the rest up to your imagination (and thoughtfulness, of course).

However, gift-giving is probably the simplest way to let a girl know she’s special. Hence, for all you last-minute shoppers, this is our quick list of great last-minute Valentine’s gifts for your loved (or newly liked) one:

For your lady of lavish

ladies of lavish

1. Ring | 2. Cardholder | 3. Lipstick | 4. Watch | 5. Heels

For new flings, exchanged rings and all other things

New fling and old flames

1. Candle | 2. Nail polish | 3. Purse | 4. Phone Case
5. Watch | 6. Necklace

You’re days away from Valentine’s, boys. Better get that priority shipping ready for a whole lot of “oh, I love it!” (and maybe a gift receipt in case she doesn’t…).


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I’ve got the spins

Annnnnd I’m back!

I couldn’t be happier that 2016 has arrived. 2015 was a year marked with a lot of moments of insecurity and an inability to be truly comfortable in my own skin. After (successfully – whew!) passing CPA CFE exam in the fall, I told myself that my #1 priority was to work on myself, my happiness and what I truly wanted. I started actively choosing myself and making myself a priority again, and that’s when I discovered spin.

Yes – I’m basic, but it’s never felt so good. As a part of my whole “eat, pray, love” feast in Vancouver, I needed to start working out. I used to be really active prior to hitting university and starting work, so it felt great to bask in the glow of endorphins again.

So, why spin? Like any other basic B, I had heard of SoulCycle and wanted to try something similar in Vancouver. Luckily, Cyklus was doing a promo for a month of unlimited spin for $35 (newcomers only). I signed up, went to their beginners class and fell in love! Since then, I’ve tried spin at Yyoga and Cadence cycling as well. I’m giving Method cycling a try tomorrow, so wish me luck.

For all you new spinners or hesitant couch potatoes curious about spin, here’s my breakdown on each of the studios that I’ve tried:

  • Cyklus Vancouver: Regardless of where you end up, start your journey at Cyklus’ Intro class and FTP test. It’s the best environment to learn everything you need to know about the in’s and out’s of spin: how the bike works, getting you fit for the bike and the different speeds and zones you’ll need to know during classes. Cyklus uses Keiser bikes as well, so you get to monitor your progress through the class in real-time using the bike and their “innovative” TV screens at the front of the room that broadcast your results. The downside? The entire class sees your progress, but I did find it quite motivating. They also provide you with spin shoes and a sweat towel, so it was nice not having to bring my own towel. Editorial note: you will 100% need a towel regardless of where you go. Spin = DRENCHED.


  • Yyoga Spin: I’ve seen crossover in instructors between Yyoga, Cyklus and Method so don’t think you’re getting a non-expert when you sign up for Yyoga spin. Each instructor also has a very distinct and different teaching method, so don’t think you’re getting the same routine every class. The bikes at the South Granville studio are Keiser bikes, like Cyklus, so you’ll get real-time tracking of your progress. Yyoga charges for a sweat towel, but they do allow you to just use your indoor sneakers for their bike. Overall, a great option if you want a combo of yoga and spin with your membership. Downside is that as a beginner won’t get the attention you need to get set-up or the instruction you need to develop proper form.


  • Cadence Cycling: This studio was small, but it definitely felt to closest to a “SoulCycle” or “Ride Cycle Club” experience where they turn the lights (almost) off. The music is loud and a mixture between Top 40’s and EDM. The bikes are a bit different as they don’t have a monitor to track your results in real-time. In order to increase resistance, you turn a knob in full, half or quarter turns. If you’re new to spin, I would definitely recommend getting acquainted to the sport using a gym with a Keiser bike first. It allows you to understand what each resistance level actually feels like before you transition to a bike without a monitor. The gym also provides spin shoes and sweat towels, so it was a nice perk to show up to.


    I also just signed up for Classpass. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out! It’s a good alternative to the normally expensive classes at boutique gyms. They’re also doing a 2-week trial for C$19, which is good way to test it out.

    Let me know if you’re a spin newbie like me as well, and how your new experience was! Wishing you all the luck with your resolutions and workout endeavors 🙂