About The Soulcialites

Sisters by blood. Best friends by choice.

Sisters by blood. Best friends by choice.

Lien Yeung 

Her first foray into blogging socially, Lien plans on sharing the many superficial conversations that are dying to get out of her head. (Lucky you, world!) With a life long love for fashion and over 9 years experience working behind the cosmetic counters, this glamour puss can’t remember a time when 4 inch heels weren’t a part of her equation. Opinionated, dynamic, and a modern Canadian woman to her core – she’s going to try to keep it professional and you entertained.

Interested in minute-to-minute expletives from Lien? She’s on Twitter too @LienY.

Andrea Yeung

Lucky sister is what Andrea Yeung’s widely known as. Not only does she have Lien who gladly plays mom #2, she’s what we call a well-rounded individual who lived up to their potential. Bright, charming, and well on her way up the ladder of worldly success, this blog delves deep into her much less profound side. A musical minx that was born stylish, she plans on helping everyone dress just a little bit better through her astute intuition and intellect for the inexpensive.

Want to get to know Andrea from all angles? Here’s where she gives a tweet @Andrea_Yeung.


4 thoughts on “About The Soulcialites

  1. Rebecca says:

    Fashion, Food, Opinions and a sister act!!? Sign me up. I’m catching up, and looking forward to staying current on all things Soulcialites!

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