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BESAME MUCHO: Coachella Weekend 1

It’s a good thing blogs aren’t spoken, because Coachella has left me sore throated and broken down. Though a bit more battered than when I left, the festival was nothing short of an unforgettable experience. We definitely went in thinking the lineup for the year wasn’t as impressive as last year’s (*cough* Drake), but it actually turned out more exciting than expected. A few highlights from our weekend:

  • Dancing in the field to Of Monsters and Men as we belted “Little Talks” from the top of our lungs.
  • Trying to figure out what “Besame Mucho” (literal translation: kiss a lot) meant, and then proceeding to take a LOT of photos in front of it. I’m guessing the floral art installation was a cheeky political statement…a nod to the Latino population given Trump’s ignorant statements? Who knows. It was pretty. I digress.
  • Almost getting trampled while migrating to Jack Ü. Seriously, I thought my life was going to end right then and there.
  • Discovering Lido and Snakehips when trying to fill time between sets, and realizing they’re freaking awesome.
  • Forcing ourselves to go to LCD Soundsystem and Guns n’ Roses because, honestly, we’re really not that cool.
  • Doing my best boho sway during “Mother We Share” at Chvrches.
  • Joking that Sam Smith would come on, and then he did 3 seconds later.
  • Throwing back to the good ol’ Panic! days at Halsey (she must have been like 12 when they were relevant), and standing in solidarity with Ke$ha at Zedd.
  • Hoping for a hologram of Eazy-E during Cube’s set, but getting Snoop instead (SnoooOOoooooo-oop!).
  • Running, literally, to Alessia Cara’s set because we support our people. #CanadiansatCoachella
  • Pretending to be artsy enough to appreciate Sia’s weird, but realizing it’s okay to just like her music exclusively.
  • Keeping my eyes pealed for Tay at Calvin’s set, and being pleasantly surprised by RiRi’s fringed appearance.

A few tips for any Coachella n00bs headed to Weekend 2:

  • Bring a jacket at night – desert gets real chilly.
  • If you’re really sensitive to the heat, don’t go to the festival before 4pm. You will literally die of heat stroke. Exercise #nightchella.
  • Bring a dust mast/bandana every day. Walking back to your campsite/shuttle kicks up a lot of dust and you don’t want to be breathing it in during your trek.
  • Speaking of camping – I would advise against it. Showering is key. Hotels all the way (do the VMT package with hotel/wristband/shuttle pass. The shuttle pass is clutch).
  • Hydrate!!! Hydrate!! Hydrate!!

So jealous of those headed to Weekend 2, but I’ll just reminisce by fixating myself on a constant camera roll loop. Here’s a glimpse into my weekend. Sorry I didn’t take real outfit photos. I’m not a real fashion blogger – just someone who talks at readers on the interwebs.




Off-the-shoulder Top: Forever 21 | Palm-Printed Culottes: H&M (last season)

There was a ridiculous wind warning on Day 1 of the festival. Don’t mind our hip disheveled looks as we were being battered by the desert winds.


My romper: Urban Outfitters



I need to copyright this photo somehow, cause the candid moment was just splendid.

image1 copy

Romper: Urban Outfitters  (on sale!!)

The loves of my life…and that dude in the corner. My romper was also seen that weekend on the hot-hot-heat VS model, Taylor Hill. Score one for Andrea!


image3 copy

Top: Aritzia  |  Shorts: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Forever 21

Sorry for the poor quality photo. Literally the only photo I had of my outfit for Day 3, as Day 3 turned into “Nightchella” exclusively…Also once again reminding you that I am not a fashion blogger. Case in point.


Cutest hotel that we stumbled upon on our last day in Palm Springs. “Arrive” features a public pool area, juice bar, restaurant, bocce ball and ping pong area. Everything a hipster needs and more.


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