Image by Bryce Bladon
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Hello beautiful. The 2014 VIFF Vancouver International Film Festival red carpet.

The Vancouver International Film Festival opened last week. Armed with my  friend & amazing camera op GP Mendoza, we covered all 20′ of that red carpet. While we’re no Cannes, I found out that a red carpet film fest even in laid back Vancity, can be mighty exciting and full of intrigue.

Especially when smart, lovely people like hometown girl Sonja Bennett is writing & starring in her own film alongside Oscar nominee James Caan to rave reviews. Her film Preggoland will be screened October 2. In the video, I ask her what it was like working with him.

MORE: What Sonja’s film Preggoland is all about.

Sonja Bennett & James Caan star in Preggoland

James Caan plays Sonja Bennett’s father in Preggoland.

Or when painfully beautiful and charming actors like Drew Roy from TNT’s Falling Skies makes eyes at you (I die!).  I am still not over how intolerably cute he is. Trust. I think his legions of loyal fans would agree.

Drey Roy in Falling Skies

Drew Roy is in season 5 of the sci-fi drama Falling Skies.

Or when you find out the 2 people standing in front of you ate from dumpsters and thrown away food for 6 months and survived to tell their incredible tale. Weight loss plan, anyone? Au contraire (see video for why.)

Just Eat It

Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer are filmmakers turned subjects when they wanted to show just how much food we waste in Just Eat It.

My oufit on the carpet? Kept it cas. It’s Vancouver after all.

Dress: Topshop

Topshop dress from Mine & Yours | J. Crew necklace | Balenciaga heels


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