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Remember when…

Kate Middleton used to have good hair?


Kate Middleton and British Dolly Parton on the bus in London.

Poor Kate looks T-I-R-E-D. Prince William did say lil G was a screamer.

The Duchess stepped out to meet poppy sellers just before Remembrance Day. She wore her beautiful “recycled” L.K. Bennett Ami burgundy coat. A lovely choice for an important occasion but the coif was something we should forgive and forget.

It’s tough being a new mom. You’re tired, there’s no time, pregnancy can change your hair — but girl just needs a hair cut and a good blow out (read: VOLUME). Abandoning the centre part is also a good thought. 

Where is Richard Ward?? Call him Kate! We won’t think you’re not down-to-earth just because you called in the pros to do your hair. 


And now to reminisce about the times Kate brought us to hair heaven and beyond.


Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Gown

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham for the ARK charity gala.

Kate Middleton visits Cambridge

Kate during a visit to Cambridge in November 2012.

The Duchess of Cambridge - Ipswich

Glowing and naturally beautiful in her mom’s borrowed blue Reiss dress.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Visits St Andrew's School

Wearing McQueen on a visit to her alma mater St. Andrew’s University.

Positively perfect. Next time…after  endless hours researching Kate’s hair, I humbly offer tips.

For less forgiving images/comments on her hair, see the New York Daily News.


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