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Victoria Beckham touches down in Vancouver

UPDATE: No one seemed to make mention of this yesterday, but Victoria travelled with hair stylist to the stars Ken Paves to Holt Renfrew. You can see him in the photo off to the left of Victoria’s backside. He rose to household fame during Jessica Simpsons’ reality tv show and is responsible for some of the best blondes and hairstyles in the biz. As a beauty junkie, I think this is all very cool.

Also, the photographer you see in my photos and running in front in the video is none other than Canada’s premier fashion and celebrity photog, George Pimentel. He was the official photographer of the event. If you call yourself a fashionista and don’t know who he is, I highly suggest you google it.

June 15, 2012 — Hundreds of Vancouverites welcomed a special celeb visitor today. Style icon and clothing designer Victoria Beckham paid Holt Renfrew, her exclusive Canadian retailer, a visit.

We were fortunate enough to be in the media pit but it was a test of grace and patience. In true fashion form, Ms. Beckham showed up more than 2 hours late. Many gave up but we sacrificed for the brush with pop culture fabulousness. Hey, if she can give up eating for life, we should be able to give up an hour or two of our day to show some appreciation.

Victoria wore a colour block dress from her Spring/Summer ’12 collection exclusive to Net-a-Porter. The marketer in us says she should’ve chose something you could actually buy from Holt Renfrew. She had polled her Twitter fans on her outfit prior to her arrival:

Need it? Buy it:

Victoria Beckham Colour Block Silk and Wool Dress

How does Victoria look in person you ask? She is as slim and petite as you think she is. In between poses, she relaxes her face for a millisecond, only to go back to posing hard again. Love her dedication.

She was joined by some of her biggest Canadian clients (e.g. Suzanne Rogers) and fashion media elite (e.g. EICs of Flare & Fashion magazine) for an exclusive luncheon after the media call.

Here’s a little video of the photo opp action.


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